The first play I wrote was a one-woman autobiographical show about growing up on a goat farm. From there, I’ve gone on to write full-length multi-character dramas,  novel adaptations, and pieces that blend a fictional story with text from interviews. I’ve explored motherhood, climate change, bullying, mental illness, the Bosnian War, and witches, among other subjects.

When I write a play, I start with a question - a question I do not know the answer to. A question there is no answer to, at least, not one that is “right.” For an hour or two, I want the audience to live with people who make difficult, different choices – choices that they might never make themselves. Nothing allows us to feel empathy like live theater. That ephemeral magic of a play, the act of witnessing, and how it asks us to suspend our disbelief - no matter how many times I sit in the theatre, it gets me every time and keeps me coming back.